Timeless Memory PhotographyOnce again Joburg came together at @emmarentia damn under the great Seed Experiences setup with the help of Nokia and 5FMto bring us Bastille in South Africa!

#BastilleSA with Matthew Mole, @bedonbricks, @beatenburg and YOU!

Parking the car and walking up into Emmarentia, taking in all the car’s and thinking to myself, gees, the Gate’s just opened 5minutes ago and already there are ton’s of people here, truely, this is going to be a fantastic day!
Passing groups and couples hand in hand, picknick baskets and blankets in the other, one rubbing sunscreen on the other, it just made me smile how festival’s like these can bring thousands of us all in one place. Different personalities, cultures, backrounds and circumstances to stand together and party like there’s no tomorrow. And thanks to people like One-eyed Jack, event’s like this are always going to be a blast.


Taking a quick walk to get my arm band, check in through security, meet

Best Photographer Johannestburg

some random

people and grab a few drinks, I hurried up to grab my friend Mr Mole up on stage, What a fantastic performance as alywas!
This man has grown so much! It’s no wonder the ladies.. and men it seems, follow him all around the festival to grab autographs, haha, yell his name and just try and shake his hand. What a man, always trying to please everyone, he tries, but wow, it must be difficult trying to always get to everyone and still enjoy yourself.

Timeless Memory Photography
Bed On Bricks had a short show due to the rain, but put up such an amazing show that the crowd decided to follow on with a huge oncore of song trying to sing away the rain and welcome back the sun, everything from new age to way back in the days like the spice girls.
This Crowd was amazing, in the pouring rain they stood strong and didn’t falter, and after a few minutes the rain subsided and sun took over again, brining on a chorus of “Here Comes the Sun” and of course “Bastille” and their biggest show to date!

Another Fantastic day in the sun, Huge stage setup’s with some of the most amazing sound thanks to Prosound, Loads to eat and drink and of course the most amazing bands to listen to!

Seed has once again outdone themselves, A huge thank you to everyone and their fantastic sponsors. To the 5FM guys for their awesome MC, you legends kept us on the tip of our feet the whole day. To all my media friends, you rock!

Henry Stock our photographer
More gig’s on Facebook, Website

Photpgrapher Johannesburg

18.12.2013:Shutup It’s Sunday Tour-Rumours

Timeless Memory PhotographyShutUp! It’s Sunday started their South african tour last week with a fantastic gig at Rumours Lounge – Bar – Restaurantfeaturing Wake to Wonder and The Olympic. What a f fantastic lineup of bands for such a great midweek break!
Shutup It’s Sunday having a really strong female vocalist with an incredible vocal control and fantastic backline band that compliments each other in every way.

Wake to Wonder with their Second CD released already (What a fantastic CD it is!), tends to stay in my car on the playlist for ages at a go, duplicating and surpassing expectations everysingle time no matter if its 1 person they play to or 400… these guys are just power all the time every time!

The Olympic are powerhouses of energy! My first time seeing them and defo won;t be my last! These guys rock that stage, not only instrument wise but by never standing still! They are all over the place, not just making for great entertainment, but giving us photographers and crowd such a fantastic show whilst sounding supurb!

Thanks again to Rumours, Timeless Memory Photography andHenry Stock

Photos HEre


Timeless Memory PhotographyMatthew Mole, the legend that has gon so quickly due to his spectacular personality both on and off stage. His humility and friendliness and constant gratitude and respect for his fans, along with his talented and heartfelt music has brought this man far and continues to do wonders for him. Through the charity show’s he plays, friends he makes, thank’s crowd interaction…. the list just goes on. One of SA’s greatest and fastest growing artsists for 2013 in my books and one that Fred Otto also throughly enjoys, which says a million words!
Jaming at Rumours Lounge – Bar – Restaurant on a Music Connection kitted stage this Just Music artist brings one hell of a great crowd!

Timeless Memory PhotographyAlong with Tailor touring with her #Dark Horse albulm which is such a fantastic albulm. Still love seeing this woman in action, get’s me everytime. It’s like seeing her pour out her heart with every word, and with her fantastic and talented guitarist they make such a great pair. I’ve never been let down at a gig by these two, always ending up with my camera capturing the most amazing emotions from Tailor and find myself signing with utter most conviction to her every word.

NK, the master moving up along with his friends, what a guy! looking forward to seeing him hit the scene more and more in 2014!

Thanks to our photographer Henry Stock, don’t gotget to like our page www.facebook.co,m/timelessmemoryphotography

Photos HERE

13.12.2013:Break The Silence : Rumours

Heart OfMusic brought us another metal mania night at Rumours Lounge – Bar – Restaurant with Break the Silence, hosting @home at last ,Bombs And IssuesBought By Blood and Poverty Of Ideals.

Another night of fists in the air, head banging , dreads swinging and voices raising to the call of the Music Connection stage. This is our world, the world of Music

Photos Here



Fokofpolisiekar was back with revenge at Rumours Lounge – Bar – Restaurant with the usual stage diving, crowd surfing madness that we have become used too. Throughout these years this band has been doing the rounds, been a standing ground for youth finding their feet and rampaging through life, varsity students studying and partying and young adults enjoying thier first round of paychecks at the bar… and after all these years, the scene still does them justice as the same crowd’s follow suit and the old crowds join in on the new youth’s fun.

Joining the party was the hard rocking Man As Machine, bringing the crowd to a epic climix through the evening, introducing some of their new tunes and getting such a fantastic responce. This Monster Energy Music sponsored band really does get around and has such fantastic work, it’s no wonder they are known so far and wide.

Also up on the lineup was De Wallen, another fantastic and lively band that had myself and the crowd stuck on their music. What a fantastic evening by Rumours with the backline ofMusic Connection and ofcourse the usual Jegermeister making it’s rounds with #ICECOLDSHOTS as always!

Thanks to our photographer Henry Stock for the great shots

Photos Here

Man as Machine Rumours


Mieliepop 2013 – Bands, Crowd – Beauty all in one! (317 photos)


So here they are, the pictures for one of the most fantastic festivals I myslf ( Henry Stock) have attended. The laid back chilled and intamate vibe, not too hot, not too cold, so many things to do more than enough shade, water and facilities forr everyone, beautiful surroundings, fantastic bands and what makes it even better?? NO CELLPHONE SIGNAL so none of us can be bugged from work 

Mieliepop Festival brought in Men Without Hats all the way from Canada for us with some fantastic local buys like Naming James, Mrs b, Shotgun ToriAlbert FrostKinky RobotThe December Streets,Radio Kalahari OrkesScicousticPiet Botha and many many more

Then we had the awesome people that made us smail, joined in on all the fun, taught us to drink, laugh, relax, chill, dance and enjoy the outdoors a bit. Some even showed us the “way of the gypsy”… must say it’s quite interesting 

All and all I will not again miss this concert unless something drastic happens, and next time I vote we get an extended stay permit because WOW, make a little holiday out of this, it’s like a place out of fantasy!

Please tag yourself, tag your friends, tag your bands and share so others may tag.
Don’t forget to show the appreciation and tag the artists page if you enjoyed them, we need some support in SA music and is

always rewarding when someone gives you the thumbs up for a good job by doing so.

Then to Mieliepop, my two photographers Henry Stock and Henry Snr, thank you for these great photo’s and the awesome video

Video is downloadable via the following link, I shall also post it up on youtube and the site tomorrow on www.timelessmemory.co.za

Dropbox link is https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ysalvp8jg4hbut1/5c4c_qQSz2

Mieliepop 2013 – Bands, Crowd – Beauty all in one! (317 photos)

25.10.2013-Rumours:Man As Machine, Zebra & Giraffe ,We Set Sail


Man As MachineWe Set SailZebra & Giraffe and mr J came through to entertain once again a great crowd (as seen on Facebook  ) with the help of the ever present Fourie Smit that seems to hide in the shadows of all great music events, running and hiding from all the camera’s but yet without him all we would do is literally just watch people acting like muso’s on stage and probably hear something aking to grey noise mixed with electro music (horrified face!)… God’s gift to the music scene, Fourie!
With the beautiful promo girls getting our familiar Dudley out of “Jail”, our photographer Henry Stockgetting stamped for free access, the rumours locals being taught some new drinking tricks, Alex throwing some exceptional poses and well you get the story… another fantastic and entertaining night from Rumours Lounge – Bar – Restaurant. But then again, who would expect anything different from this exceptional Music Venue associated with Music Connection?


Photo’s Here


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